Sunday 13 May 2012

Ann John ousted as Council leader

Muhammed Butt, deputy leader of Brent Council, ousted Ann John at the Labour Group AGM this weekend by 21 votes to 19.  His election as Brent Council leader is subject to confirmation at the Full Council meeting on Wednesday.

Cllr James Powney survived a challenge from Cllr Claudia Hector.

On Thursday Brent Fightback will be making representations on the Council leafleting licensing scheme at the Call In Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

In his acceptance speech Muhammed Butt said:

“It is an honour to be elected to this position.

I would like to pass my deepest thanks to my predecessor Cllr. Ann John and look forward to her continuing to be deeply involved in the Borough that I know she has loved and served for many years.

These are the toughest financial times in the history of Brent. I want to develop a new approach to the relationship between Councillors and Officers, between front and back benchers and between the Labour Party and our residents. I believe that the more united we are as a Borough the more effective our fight back against this government will be.

I stand for responsibility, fairness and the values of equality that underpin the Labour party and I look forward to beginning the hard work for Brent residents in my new role”.

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